Another great blog hop. This time waxed linen.

Thanks to Diana Ptaszinski from Suburban Girl Studio LLC

I decided to make a bracelet inspired by Stephanie Sersich. It incorporates waxed linen inside and you see it best on the loop. I made all the little bubble beads that have a peace murrini in them.




20140524-104715.jpg. Contact me directly if you are interested in purchase.

Please visit Diana blog to check out the full list. happy blog hopping.


Another fun blog hop

I love blog hops. This one was organized by a former Bead soup partner of mine Diana Ptaszinski. From Suburban Girl Studio LLC. http://www.suburbangirlstudio.

She took several courses focusing on waxed linen so the focus of this blog hop is waxed linen.

I made a bracelet based on work by Stephanie Sersich. It incorporates waxes linen inside and for the loop and then has tins of added beads. I made the little bubble ones that have a peace murine in them and the peace clasp. Contact me if you are interested in purchase.





And here are the other blog to check out. Thanks Diana for your organization!!!!
I started on this crazy necklace as well, but haven’t decided on the right chain and clasp to finish it with. I wanted a bright and fun piece to wear during the summer. The ceramic bicycle is by Bo Hulley Beads, glass heart by SueBeads, polymer bead by Second Surf, assorted plastic bits and bobs from MyElements and some vintage lucite and glass.

And there you have it! I hope that if you’ve never worked with Irish waxed linen that you’ll be inspired to try after seeing all the wonderful things people have created with it! Now off you go to visit the participating blogs! If this link doesn’t work please go to Diana’s blog for the other links.

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Cynthia Deis Enter to win a kit from Ornamentea!

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The final installment of Bead Soup May 2014

Well here is the last of my bead soup pieces for the reveal.  I loved the mother of pearl chips and these amazing big bold squarish links.  I wanted to do something smashing with them.  IMG_6238


See those amazing links aren’t they to die for!  And now the finished pieces.  In my stash I had these scarab inspired brass findings.  So here is it a necklace using the chips at the bottom and then to finish it off I had an antique mahjong tile and I put a scary on that.  Then I used some brass connectors and I split a brass connector and made matching earrings with a couple of chips.




Then probably my very favorite spices it the ingredients were these two tiny ceramic house beads.  And they came with a fabulous ribbon with varied blues and pinks.  I knew I wanted to use them on one piece.

Tiny houses and ribbon


So I took the ribbon and some large link silver chain I had and combined them.  I made some matching lamp work beads with some enamel on them to go with the house colors and texture.  Then I added some Chinovski beads to sparkle and then the necklace I finished off with the bigger of the two houses and finally an antique key (for the house).  I also did a matching bracelet and then earrings.  I will wear them this week to a conference in Banff – can’t wait I have just the outfit for them.

a bit closer look at the pendant The three house pieces The bracelet on meLastly I did a sweet pair of earrings with some of the brass leaves Monique sent and I combined them with some of the pearls my neighbor brought me back from south east asia.  I have worn them already and love them.

Leaf earrings with pearls


I have a few pieces left but they will have to wait.  Thanks again Monique for all the inspiring ingredients.  It was a wonderful partnership!!!



Bead Soup Reveal May 2014

I have to say a huge thank you to Lori Anderson from for organizing this great Bead Soup adventure again. And then to my amazingly generous partner Monique Urquhart from New Brunswick. So here are the first ones that are done. I received so much that I will also post a couple more pieces later this weekend.IMG_6234Remember the amazing packages that came……


Well inside were these:



So the first project was to use the focal from Monique.  I also used a handmade bronze toggle as well as the amazing picasso beads.  Then I through in some of my brass stash bits.


monique beads20140509-221012.jpg


Next came the cool blue porcelain focal, blue buttons and silver ring links.  I added some of this cool leaf chain that I had and here it is.20140509-221037.jpg



Joanne sent me a tiny package of silver birds and bird links (see them in the bottom run the middle  so I made this set.







She also sent me some green type spacers and this link of ceramic type tube beads.  This really stretched me as I don’t often use leather or ceramic beads but I was happy with the outcome.20140509-221135.jpg

Stay tuned for the last piece using the tiny ceramic houses.  These were just too precious so they deserve their own post.  Also I have a really cool set of jewelry I made with all the mother of pearl that she sent me (spoiler alert it has an Egyptian revival theme!!)

Happy hopping and be sure to stop back to see the house pieces and some Egyptian inspired pieces.




Spring Flowers

Hi everyone even if it has been cold I have been thinking about flowers!,, here are some more new products for the sale at D. luxe Saturday.



The Hearts have it

This weekend I was stuck on hearts. Full red hearts with messages. Hearts on top for decoration and some black hearts for fun.




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Another year of piano is just about finished

Here is the fun piece I made for Murray’s piano teacher. It is a hollow lined with silver. Before I lined it I filled it with micro beads and some Swarovski crystals and some vintage piano music. Then it is hung on a chain finished off with a dangly couple notes of silver.



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A new dream car for me

I have seen this type of work before as my neighbour has some from her travels in Mexico. The amount of work is just not comprehend able.




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Love this image of one of the minion necklaces


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Some minions for Fine Spring Evening

Again this year many volunteers at Crystal Park school will be having a wonderful celebration of the arts.

These little folks will be available for sale along with a bracelet made with lampwork Easter eggs and then a necklace with a large lampwork red heart with matching earrings.



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