Finishing up

What a great weekend.  I finished up lots of pieces that were hanging about the studio.  I still had some PMC clay rings that I had made in Anne Mitchell’s class at Bead and Button last year.  So I decided to make them into chain.  Then I had made a few lengths of Viking Knit, a shorter one and a long one in the summer on the deck at the farm that I wanted as a necklace.  So I was viewing Anne’s latest class for this year’s Bead and Button which just happily incorporated both Viking Knit and some PMC rings.  Yeah- I had a project.  I also had some pieces of PMC left from Patrick Chan’s class so I fired that and it all went together to make the bracelet and chain and it finished up the shadow box too.  I am really happy with the results.  I also decide to patina this grouping.  It is always hard for me to decide to leave it sparkly silver to to age it with patina.







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